Millie Quinn

my grandma
is the greatest

About The Author

Once upon a time, there was a teacher named Millie Quinn who decided to embark on a book project for her teacher education class in 1993. Little did she know that this project would become a thirty-year journey! However, with her unwavering dedication, love for writing, and her Master’s Degree in Language and Literacy, she finally turned her dream into a beautiful reality.

Millie is a highly inspiring teacher who encourages her students to write, not just for academic purposes but also for pure enjoyment or therapeutic purposes. She believes that writing is not just a skill, but a powerful art that has the ability to help us express our deepest emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

Growing up in a big family in a small town, Millie learned many valuable life lessons through great adventures that she had with her siblings and friends. However, her grandmother was her guiding light and role model

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about the book

Millie Quinn’s “My Grandma is the Greatest” is a heartwarming tribute to the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren. The book takes young readers on a journey through the life and experiences of Millie’s grandmother, showing how a grandparent can be a source of love, guidance, and wisdom. The story is beautifully illustrated with captivating and vibrant illustrations that bring the characters to life and make it enjoyable and memorable for everyone.

The book not only portrays Millie’s experiences but also addresses the absence of grandparents in the lives of some children. This underlying theme lends a deeper level of meaning and relevance to the book, making it a valuable addition to any family’s library. It teaches children to appreciate their grandparents and the valuable lessons they can learn from them, while also providing comfort to those who may not have grandparents in their lives.